TechPoint Solutions provide services to clients who are interested in extending access to their Business Intelligence information resources to mobile users on web and mobile devices.  The Mobile Business Intelligence solution developed by Tech Point is a combination of software tools and technical know-how to initiate, elaborate, construct, and transition projects for the deployment of mobile devices capable of utilizing the Business Intelligence resource.


With the advent of sophisticated tools available to support the warehousing of business transactions, many companies have implemented data warehouses to provide improved customer service by providing excellent traceability of customer activities and guide product design and marketing through the application of sophisticated econometrics using observational data found in those data warehouses.  The ability to utilize this comprehensive data warehouse when the opportunity presents itself is the vision behind Mobile Business Intelligence.


As businesses span the globe, TechPoint Solutions has responded with suitable expansion, establishing facilities in Europe, Singapore and India, while remaining a single window of contact through our headquarters in Silicon Valley, U.S.A. Our focus has been to help businesses—from Fortune 1000 corporations to startups—expand their IT efforts seamlessly, supported by our service solutions. We help OEMs, ISVs, and global high tech companies in a variety of solution platforms.


Our customers range from:

  • Information Technology

  • Finance and banking  

  • Internet

  • Telecom

  • Health Care

  • Energy and

  • Automobile


In all this, two factors have set us apart: our focus on your end-user needs, and the ability to bring cutting-edge technology experience to the table. What this has engendered is our demonstratable ability to offer solutions that are usable, which in turn results in our customers' enhanced customer-satisfaction levels; and thus increased ROI from business with satisfied customers.


Rapid Deployment, Accountability, Global Experience, and Commitment to Customer Success combined with a wealth of experience in cutting edge technologies form the cornerstones of TechPoint’s professional services offering.


To us, your problems turn into purpose.


"I have worked with a number of technology consulting companies, and TechPoint is one of the most hardworking, reliable and efficient I have encountered to date. I am enthusiastic about helping them establish a strong foothold in the European business community."

                                      Hans Niebergall, 
                            Executive Vice-President, 
                            German-American Chamber of Commerce