Custom Application Development

Imlementation & Integration Services

 Services Overview

TechPoint Solutions provide services to clients who are interested in extending access to their Business Intelligence information resources to users of mobile devices.  The Mobile Business Intelligence solution developed by Tech Point is a combination of software tools and technical know how to start, sustain, and complete projects for the deployment of mobile devices capable of utilizing the company's Business Intelligence resource. 

TechPoint Solutions recognizes the unique needs of each customer. Over the years, we have been successful in developing flexible tools and solutions that answer customer needs, helping them become agile in the changing economy and global marketplace.

Today, we provide two distinct platforms of service:

Custom Application Development: uniquely adapting the US resources and economies of our India offices to develop customized enterprise and mobile business intelligence solutions in technology, and supporting daily business with 24/7 development cycles.  

Implementation & Integration Services: leveraging our talent pool for your IT needs on-site or using our facilities and partners across the globe in off-site and off-shore implementation and integration services.