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Making the most of your investments in Enterprise Application Integration
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Processing increasing amounts of information more reliably, efficiently, securely, and cost effectively can be a daunting task. Current economic conditions are pressuring IT organizations to reduce staff, and at the same time meet increasing business requirements for information collection, processing, analysis and dissemination

Information management is rapidly moving from single vendor, homogeneous storage and server environments to a best-of-breed multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments. Enterprise Application Integration, involving messaging, transformation and business process workflow is essential for these software and hardware platforms to be interwoven into a single end-to-end set of business processes. This inter-application integration requires a complex combination of skills that are expensive and in short supply.

Corporate data and information are treasured assets. Businesses realize that outsourcing their integration needs to professional application integration consultants is often the best solution. TechPoint has integration professionals ready to help, skilled in multiple integration and data transformation tools.

TechPoint understands the dilemmas that face most IT managers they are required to do more with less. Our engineers are available for short, medium or long-term assignments in order to ensure the success of your integration and management initiatives. TechPoint also can take on the integration project as a whole.

Techpoint Solutions Enterprise Application Integration And Workflow Services
Techpoint Solutions offers comprehensive consulting services for application integration, support and managed services.

EAI Implementation Planning

  • Procure EAI software and hardware.
  • Develop detailed implementation plans and test procedures.
  • Conduct pilot implementations and validate interoperability.

Full EAI Deployment

  • Integration planning, Data mapping, System Interoperability testing.
  • Performance tests and validatin.
  • Document and knowledge transfer.

EAI Infrastructure Management

  • Review current Implementations.
  • Develop performance metrics and expectations.
  • Conduct performance tuning.
  • Rollout OS/SW upgrades and validation.
  • Document validation procedures.
  • Transfer knowledge to customer staff.
  • Perform ongoing EAI management via remote or on-site monitoring.

Workflow Planning and Implementation

  • Business process flow documentation.
  • Business process-IT linkage creation.
  • Business process workflow enablement.
  • Business process flow training.

Why Techpoint Solutions
Techpoint Solutions project engineers are experts in a variety of EAI tools( eg MQ Series, Tibco, Mercator, Peregrine). Our professionals can assist you with EAI design, architecture, implementations and management. We also have domain expertise in ERP, CRM and Data Warehousing implementations. This offers our clients unique benefits during implementation, since we understand the business and technology drivers behind creating an EAI solution.

Techpoint Solutions dramatically reduces time to implementation with minimal disruption of day-to-day business activities. We also perform ongoing EAI management and analysis to ensure optimal performance for maximum return on investment.

  • Professional project planning and project management.
  • Proven and tested methodologies and configurations.
  • Trained and experienced technical personnel.
  • Best of breed solutions and partners.

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